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I opened a new EXSECT SHOPIFY STORE over the weekend. Although it seemed fairly easy to set up, importing from Etsy is a nightmare. After fixing all of the prices, variations, spacing in the listings, titles and links… I discovered last night that ALL of the tags have underscores in them instead of spaces. What a pain.

Sometimes I truly get tied of doing everything myself. I wish I could pass off the most tedious tasks to SOMEONE and have confidence that they will actually be done correctly.

Off to fix tags for HOURS!

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The Customer-Funded Business: Start, Finance, or Grow Your Company with Your Customers’ Cash

I was so absolutely excited about this book that I consumed it faster than most books I acquire. However, it left me feeling severely disappointed. Sure, many of the examples given in this book started out solely customer funded. But ALL examples ended up acquiring investors and or funds from other sources.

The synopsis reads :”Who needs investors?” Apparently, everyone in this book did.

The author also completely dismisses bootstrapping. Which in itself was questionable.

Sadly, I gained very little from this book.

As a business owner who does not intend on ever seeking investors or using debt as a way to grow my business, I could have skipped this book. I wish I would have.


Also: I listen to books daily on Audible. This book repeated a few names hundreds of times (example: Vente Privee and GUNTA (sp?). The names were repeated so many times that at one point I ended up screaming and skipping a chapter ahead. I hope I never have to hear these names again. Gah!