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ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE leather luggage tag, an Exsect exclusive!

A classic adventure quote from the Disney Pixar movie UP! Adventure IS out there! This quote makes a great graduation gift as well as wedding gifts, leather luggage tag wedding favors, third anniversary gifts and much much more!

Sturdy and durable, these luggage tags are not thin cheap leather. They are only made from the highest quality thick harness leather and designed to last for decades and to be passed down from generation to generation. All Exsect Inc. items are heirloom quality!

Celebrate all of life’s big moments with genuine leather gifts.




Personalized carved tree initials leather luggage tag. Fantastic 3rd anniversary gift or Personalized Wedding Gift also great luggage tag wedding favors.

Find it exclusively on ETSY by EXSECT!


If you sell on the Etsy marketplace and become even marginally successful, it is a given that you will encounter copycats. Design thieves. Unimaginative pathetic morons. Whatever you like to call them.

A few months back I came across a seller that offers leather luggage tags. Every single design was copied from an established Etsy seller. They copied six of my designs.

When I asked them to remove the listings they replied “but i want to said is design myself” (seller is located in China).

No. You did not design it yourself. Copying my exact listing titles is a dead giveaway that you copied the design directly from me.

They quickly removed the listing in the sample image below and the other matching tags that said “Wild & Free” not “Free & Wild”

And I am not against other sellers making leather luggage tags. Not by any means. Hell, I even sell blank leather luggage tags in bulk so others can use my exact supplies to create their own designs.

But blatantly ripping off other sellers designs if just ridiculous.

Enjoy this treat (my design is on the bottom):



Personalized sunburst brown genuine leather camera strap found exclusively on Etsy.

Premium full grain leather camera strap. Meticulously hand dyed with only non-toxic leather stains for an antiqued sunburst look. Sealed with exclusive Exsect Inc Leather Conditioner for a beautiful dream soft camera strap with superior strength. Gorgeous metal (NOT PLASTIC) black hardware, clips and rings. This camera strap arrives flexible and hand broken in!

Strap is 1″ wide.

The clip and ring set measure 2′ long on each side for a total strap length of 40″. Some style cameras will need both the clip and ring, some will only need the clip.


This camera strap is designed for easy attachment and easy detachment. No more fussing with the terrible slider straps and buckle straps that ship standard with most cameras! As a professional photographer, quick change out is a must! The standard straps are simply unacceptable.

Can an inanimate object get any more adorable?

Faux Tassel Keychain – I Love You To The Moon And Back