Gorgeous leather camera wrist strap!

Introducing Exsect Leather Co. Simple Line! Quality leather goods at lower prices!

Many leather stains available! Your choice.

Customize with up to 5 characters (letters and/or symbols)

Special hand mixed dye sets into embossing to create a dark impression. All finishes give an antiqued look.

The leather strap measures:
3/4″ wide
7″ long from end to folded end, not including clip and ring
The clip and ring set measure 2′ long on each side for a total strap length of 9″

Some style cameras will need both the clip and ring, some will only need the clip. All wrist straps come with both attachments.

This camera strap is design for easy attachment and easy detachment. No more fussing with the terrible slider traps that ship standard with most cameras! As a professional photographer, quick change out is a must! The standard straps are simply unacceptable.


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