Skinny neon leather camera strap! Super excited to introduce this new line of camera straps.

Tired of big bulky manly camera straps? You are in luck! The new skinny neon line is here! Camera straps are genuine leather and STRONGER than those cheap ugly straps that come with your camera.

More images to come soon!

Many leather colors available! Your choice of neon purple (pictured), neon pink, neon orange, neon yellow, neon green or neon blue.

The leather strap measures:
5/8″ wide
34″ long

The clip and ring set measure 2′ long on each side for a total strap length of 38″. Some style cameras will need both the clip and ring, some will only need the clip. All camera straps come with both attachments.

This camera strap is design for easy attachment and easy detachment. No more fussing with the terrible slider traps that ship standard with most cameras! As a professional photographer, quick change out is a must! The standard straps are simply unacceptable.


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